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Transactional email or one may call it triggered emails. Transactional Bulk Email Services are called triggered emails because they include text which is commenced with the user’s interaction with a users interaction with a web app. most of the times these sort of emails are sent through programmatically or SMTP relay, via an API. Transactional mails are sent through the Sendgrid. One needs to create customized mail templates, content, etc and then utilize Sendgird as a delivery engine.

A transactional mail is quite different from a marketing mail when it comes to using of sender id. Unlike transactional emails is which are mostly triggered and are sent programmatically, marketing emails are timed and are sent strategically. SMTP of SendGrid or web API can still be utilized to send these texts but conventionally, the text is entirely different from the existing transactional messages.

Be it marketing mail or a transactional mail, the content could be the same for both of them. The actual difference falls on the front on how does the sendGrid is being used by marketing or a Transactional Bulk Email Service Provider in India. The consumers who are keen in building campaigns, they must settle down for a comprehensive solution which would enable them to create content within the email editor, performing A/B testing on various text templates, the separate segment of recipient list with some specific number of customers. But in case of certain instances, some companies have also achieved fabulous results using integrated transactional and marketing mail operations, where both transactional and marketing emails are similar n terms of messaging, branding and voice.  In order to get more information on the services, get in touch with our team through a call or a mail. Once you get in touch with us our team will take care of the rest.

With 15 plus years of experience, SMS India has been a top Transactional Bulk Email Service provider company for many renowned brands. We have generated more than 80 crore emails and messages and served various distinguished names in our 15-year journey. Most of these names have taken our service time and again, after being in touch with us once.  Their faith in us is itself a testimony of our services.

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