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The SMS reselling simply means purchasing SMS units at wholesale price and further selling them in small chunks at desired prices to preferred people. The bulk reseller campaigns have gained significant momentum in recent few years with the rapid expansion in the sphere of digital marketing. The expanding spheres have opened new doors to further explore a business possibility in this field. Right now, there are almost 6.6 million domains running successfully after registration. The number of these domains is likely to shoot up to 500 million until the end of next decade. Gradually, the businesses have realized its power; hence they are utilizing this for flourishing their businesses along with other businesses.


The operation cycle of this business begins with the selling of SMS credits to the customers who are in need of these messages for the purpose of advertisement and promotion. The ratio of profit increases with an increase in the volume of sales. By associating your company with SMS India, you can get an excellent opportunity to boost the income stream of your company by contributing some additional money to your company’s pocket.


By becoming SMS Reseller of Gateway API in India and abroad you can get an easy access to the customized websites as bulk SMS gateway provider generally offers a customized website to its client. Later on, he can put colour; logo and font of his choice to strengthen the content of that website. By adding a brilliant look to the website a reseller can increase the traffic on the website. The business of Bulk SMS Reseller India is being seen with great potential. Another added advantage of being a reseller is that you get an option choosing a sub-reseller and under that re-seller, you can further resellers. In that way, you can have an entire network of re-sellers under you.


Business opportunities for Bulk SMS Reseller Service Provider in India and its surrounding market are immense. Nowadays an average person's universe has shrunk into a mobile phone which has simplified the task for market think tanks. Think tank now works on a single point agenda of ‘getting into every phone’. The SMS medium is quite effective in terms of cost and the penetration rate is also greater. SMS India also provides a strong and quick backup service for the bulk reseller. Our technical team makes sure that all the hassles of a reseller are addressed within no time and make certain that his business goes on smoothly.

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