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Today’s information technology era has opened numerous gates for the businesses to expand its horizons because it has provided an access easy to both seller and the buyer to get to reach conveniently. Talking particularly about the Indian society where terms like computer and internet were regarded as comfy items just before one decade. The change in scenario took place in the first half of this first decade, with the entry of affordable Smartphones in the market. The availability of affordable Smartphones in the market led to its consumption on a mass level and its mass consumption eventually led to the surge in the number of users.

However, the smartphones and mobile phones not only pushed the total aggregate of internet users in India but somehow it also decreased the dependence of people on computers. The mobile phones outclassed computers into terms of features, thus giving a solid reason to the users to shift their paradigm. Even though Smartphones have brought a convenient access to tools like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, and e-mail but SMS still remains to be one of the most popular channels of communication among the marketers.

The primary factor which has kept the relevance of a Promotional Bulk SMS Service Provider in India intact is the substantial outreach of SMS. By the means of SMS, one can have an easy access to more than 95% of the population of the country as SMS feature is available in every phone, whether it is a Smartphone or a basic feature phone. Apart from the presence of SMS feature in every phone, outreach and response rate of SMS is far better than any other medium. An analysis shows that almost 92% percent of SMS texts are read or opened within 2 minutes of their reception whereas every 1 out of 2 SMS texts is responded actively. Hence, all of the above points leave no doubt about the fact that considering promotional SMS service in India as a tool of marketing is a smart alternative.

SMS India has been a leading name in the field of SMS marketing. We have an experience of more than 15 years in the field of marketing.  We have been friends of more than 7300+ names n their success journey. We are a leading Promotional SMS Service Provider Company in India with more than 800 million+ successfully delivered SMS texts under our belt. So if you are looking for a trusted pal in this world of complications, then do let us know through our communication channels.

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