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IVR is an interactive technology that enables you to communicate with another person using pre-recorded voice messages. The IVR communication is generally of 2 types one way and two-way. In the one-way IVR interaction, the already recorded messages are played as your system calls someone while two-way IVR interaction stands for the instance when you system calls someone and as soon the call connects, pre-recorded questions in the audio format are played and in response the person on the other side of the caller responds by pressing keys on his phone.

IVR Service for SMS Campaign is quite similar; here the messages and the responses are received in the text form, instead of audio format messages. While Comparing IVR and SMS, it can be safely concluded that IVR has a better response as compared to normal SMS.  A recent survey concluded that an automated call gets far more responses than SMS. An IVR’s response rate is more than 60 % whereas a normal SMS which does not has, IVR has a response rate of 1-7%.

Whereas IVR campaigns are mostly free of cost, which is the reason why it gets more response. Another benefit which IVR provides that it is quite economical, Due to a higher response rate, the cost of per SMS is quite cheap as compared to its other alternatives.

Taking the above-mentioned survey, suppose if the response rate of IVR is 60%, then the wastage of messages is only 40%, whereas a normal SMS campaign which does not has IVR gets responded by only 5-7%  people, which means more than 90% of the messages are worthless and unproductive. Having IVR for bulk SMS campaigns are more fruitful in terms of results as it yields more results are more simple SMS campaigns. IVR helps to track whether the receiver responded to the message or not. But in case of non- IVR messages it is quite tough to determine whether the receiver read the message or not.

SMS India has been providing IVR for bulk SMS in India for more than a decade. We have delivered successfully more than 800 million messages successfully to more than 7345+ customers. In the recent time, our company has done some remarkable job for real estate clients and we have been serving them with some best IVR for real estate. SMS India has earned accolades not only in real estate but other sectors too.

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