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Although SMS is being used by the political outfits as a tool to reach its voters since early 2000s, global pollsters realized its actual impact in the year 2008 when the SMS became a game changer in the US presidential and vice- presidential polls. Nearly 3 million SMS sent out by the US presidential candidate Barrack Obama after he picked Joe Biden as VP candidate.

Later on, these 3 million contacts were utilized to organize rallies, generating donations from the masses and creating an alternative communication with the supporters. A slight buzz suddenly became a sensation when Obama emerged victoriously. It was then media actually recognized Election SMS Service and its actual strength and impact.

Talking about SMS campaigning in Indian perspective, door to door campaigning and other traditional campaigning methods were regarded as more effective. It was generally believed that in India, by using Election SMS Campaign Service and other modern means of methods one can only get to a certain population which is concentrated in the urban belt.

Experts would generally cite 2004 and 2009 generally elections as major instances to defend their argument. The perception carried on till the second quarter of 2014, but all previous assumptions and notions regarding Indian electoral mindset fell flat when the incumbent government won the elections with a landslide margin. The post-election analysis firmly concluded that the bulk SMS Election Campaigns by BJP and its then prime Ministerial Candidate Shri Narendra Modi proved vital in turning first time and swing voters in their favour.

Since then plenty of water has flown in the stream. The market of Election Bulk SMS Service in India has evolved drastically. Many players have entered into the market, with a claim of being top in town. The success of an SMS campaign cannot be measured solely on the basis of the number of text messages transmitted but also on the various factors such as sending out right messages at the right time, sending the right message to a right person.

We at SMS India have the privilege of serving some big names like Bhartiya Janata Party, which is a biggest political organization in the world. Being a leading Election SMS Service Provider in India, we have categorized our services into various segments such as setting a separate alert for events, rally updates,  important announcements, sending out appeals, voting day reminder, etc.

Our team at SMS India consists of well versed and experienced members who have worked meticulously with major outfits and have delivered an above par performance. In the current scenario, Election Campaigning Services in India, elections has played a major part in the past elections and is more likely to increase its relevance in the upcoming elections.

A major reason why electronic campaigning is likely to retain its prominence in the elections goes with the fact that the optical fibre network in India has strengthened in recent years quite rapidly. So, get to us as quickly as possible without giving a second thought to yourself.

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